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7:32pm on Thursday, 14th February, 2019:



You may recall my reporting that last week I had a class in which we played a game. A bunch of students did not show up for the start of the class, even though they knew it was a game. I got cross.

That was just the first half of the game.

Today, we had the second half of the game. There was no excuse for students' not knowing there would be a second half, because they played the first half. I told them when we stopped that we were half way through and would finish this week. I took the materials off them and kept them myself so that if someone who had them didn't show up, it wouldn't matter as I had the materials myself.

There are supposed to be 87 students in this class. At the start of the lecture, there were 12. Of the 11 groups that had been formed, only 6 had at least one representative show up.

After discussing with those present, we decided to continue the game without waiting.

I went slowly, and sure enough some people did appear 10 or 15 minutes late. The number of groups who hadn't returned went down to 2.

A full 30 minutes into the class, at the very moment when I was about to announce that anyone coming later would have to sit and watch rather than play, two more students materialised, one for each of the remaining groups.

All the other students had to wait for them to figure out what they were meant to do and then to do it.

Half an hour is so late that I wonder why the students showed up at all.

After this, the game went well, the students enjoyed it and they were enthusiastic when I asked if I should give the game to their successors next year.

I really don't get this attitude to time-keeping...

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