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3:24pm on Wednesday, 13th March, 2019:

Campus Blend


The café in the STEM centre describes its Campus Blend coffee in these words:

It's hard to imagine how any coffee could be said to be creamy, let alone silky. Its "notes" include not just almond, not just croissant, but the very intersection of the two; this, combined with malt and the particular flavour of chocolate you get in truffles, leads to the final taste.

OK, so given that this taste could in practice basically be summarised as "sawdust" I can see why they might not want to advertise it as such, but really, this kind of pretentious language is the stuff of wine labels (and indeed "almond croissant" seems to be some kind of official term sanctioned for wine label usage). It may well hail from Cocafelol, Honduras and Chirinos, Peru, but it's going in a plastic-coated paper cup with two sachets of sugar and a glug of whatever that off-white liquid is in the milk jug.

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