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9:29am on Monday, 12th August, 2019:

Bunny Cat


Final Fantasy XIV has a deal on at the moment, "Play for up to 144 hours for free!". The "up to" is because the event only lasts 6 days, so if you were to eschew sleep for the whole period you could indeed rack up 144 hours of play.

Anyway, I gave it a shot for old time's sake, and the memories of what I found both adorable and frustrating about the game came flooding back. I took my arcanist (basically a WoW warlock) up another level for fun, but was soon reminded of the game's quest grind and dungeon queues. Also, the combat gameplay for level 26 arcanists isn't exactly riveting (put DoTs on enemies then beat on them until the DoTs run out). Getting a chocobo (the first mount available) was a lot easier than the first time I did it, too. Anyway, I shan't be buying the expansion pack any time soon; I may give the Elder Scrolls Online a shot next.

Here's an example of the weird things you see in FFXIV, from a trip to its Golden Saucer casino.

So that's a hostess dressed in a bunny outfit, which comes with top-of-head ears and a tail. Great, except the hostess is a Miqo'te — basically a cat person — so she already has top-of-head ears and a tail. Now, she looks as if she has two pairs of top-of-head ears and two tails. Amazingly, by the time you get to the Golden Saucer, none of this looks in any way strange.

That's one bonkers universe they have there.

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