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3:06pm on Sunday, 10th March, 2019:

Wrapping Up


Usually when it comes to birthday presents for our daughters, my wife pays for the presents and I wrap them up. Previously, I was of the opinion that I had the better of the deal, but now I'm, beginning to wonder if I've been the victim of a long-term plan.

I've just spent two hours wrapping up a pile of presents, only one of which was in an actual box. None of the rest were the same shape as each other, if indeed they had a shape at all. There were several things that I didn't even kn0w what they were, some kind of female clothing I think; I just wrapped them up and hoped for the best. There was one black bag that I was forbidden even to open, so alarming were apparently its contents. I had to make a box for it out of an old shoebox and then wrap that up. There were also bottles of stuff that I've no idea what they did, but could at least see which way up they went.

Three rolls of wrapping paper ran out, too, and I have to buy that, not my wife.

Yes, overall I think I've been outplayed here.

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