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8:59pm on Thursday, 9th May, 2019:



I was in Portsmouth today as the external member of the team to validate the assorted games degrees at the University. This wasn't hard, because the degrees have been running for years so are well established and well respected. Indeed, I was the department's external examiner from 2004-2009, so knew their genealogy. They haven't stood still.

So long ago was it that I was last in Portsmouth that this building near the hotel was still under construction last time I was there.

I'm disappointed that they didn't paint the tip red. It's so clearly modelled on a 1960s lipstick that it really needs a red tip.

I was not, however, disappointed that the tunnel under Hindhead has opened in the intervening years. That took 30 minutes off my journey time. Now all I need is for no-0ne else to be using the M25 and I should be able to breeze my way to Portsmouth any time I feel like it.

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