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6:03pm on Friday, 8th March, 2019:

Better Colchester


The latest unsolicited magazine to arrive through everyone's letterbox is Centurion — "your news from Colchester Borough Council". It's packed full of Borough Council news goodness, with a particular highlight being the page showing the faces of 51 councilors, all of whom have insincere smiles except the hipster, who may be smiling, may not be, you can't tell because of his beard.

I also like an article headlined "Colchester in the top three in England!". So, that would be third, then. The article's opening paragraph tells us that the borough's recycling rates are among the very best in the country, but reading on it transpires that actually it's the one with the third-highest increase in household recycling. That means it went from terrible to merely bad, then.

This is my favourite part, through, a full A4-sized half-page of filler.

It's clipboard clip art, but although the right hand is writing on it, the left hand isn't actually holding it.

I'm pleased with this, as it shows the council isn't wasting money paying expensive graphic artists to produce its imagery. It shows they're trying to keep council tax under control.

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