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4:27pm on Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019:

Fired Up


Three of my CE317 students had a resit exam today. According to the notes that two of them left in their exam scripts, a fire alarm was set off on two occasions during the exam, which entailed their evacuation from the examination room.

It's not an uncommon occurrence for there to be false fire alarms during exams. I'm not entirely sure what the logic for setting one off is, though. Presumably, whoever does it is attempting to help a friend who is taking an exam. I believe that there are special processes that are enacted when an exam is interrupted (either extra time at the end or some kind of scaling of marks later), but this are in place because the students' concentration has been disrupted. Deliberately disrupting a friend's concentration (along with everyone else taking an exam at the time) in order to get them compensated for being disrupted seems an odd approach. Candidates don't get to communicate with each other or anyone else while they're waiting for the alarm to be turned off.

We didn't have fire alarms going off during exams when I was a student. Times have changed. We had bomb threats instead when I was a student.

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