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7:54pm on Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019:



Google+ went away today.

I ignored most of the early social networks such as Myspace and Friendster, on the grounds that experience with CompuServe had taught me how they were likely to go (answer: how they did go). I wrote a blog instead (this one). As more and more people started to use social networks, though, blogs got ignored. I therefore decided to cross-post to social networks, and Google+ was the one I went with — basically because I was sent an invite for it early on.

There weren't as many people on Google+ as on Facebook, but the audience was very different as a result. The conversations there tended to be much more intelligent and involved than what happens when hundreds of people are seeing them rather than tens of people. I came across lots of interesting people, some of whom helped me offline and some of whom I helped offline, too. Far more people see my posts on Facebook, but if there was a factual problem with one or one raised a question with a tricky answer, the chances are I'd get informed about it on Google+ before Facebook.

Anyway, now it's gone I only have to cross-post to Facebook, which will save me some time.

I don't expect we'll get Usenet back, but I do hope that the demise of Google+ means we can have the + search term in Google returned to us.

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