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11:21am on Saturday, 2nd February, 2019:



In Sainsbury's today I encountered a Little Old Man and his wife, a Little Old Woman. The LOM was angry about everything and employed an odd mannerism of speech to convery his anger about particular products.

One of them, probably the LOM, smelled of cigarettes, so I didn't want to hang around listening for too long, but here are three examples of the LOM's annoyance at aspects of the world as he expressed them:

"Disgraceful! Look at that! £12! £12! Look at that! Disgraceful!"
"Unbelievable! Look at that! Limescale! Limescale! Look at that! Unbelievable!"
"No! Look at that! Too many batteries! Too many batteries! Look at that! No!"

If I ever find myself teaching first-year programming, I shall use this as an example of how stacks work.

To be fair, £12 for a ropey shoulder of lamb did look excessive.

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