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5:29pm on Thursday, 31st May, 2018:

Casually Connecting


I was in London this morning to speak at Casual Connect. My talk was originally scheduled to be 20 minutes, but then I was told it was expanded to 40 minutes so I added some more slides. When I got there, I was told it was now an hour. Fortunately, I can waffle...

The topic was what you can do with games using modern AI techiques. The consensus in the audience seemed to be "lots, but we don't have anyone who can do it".

Never mind that though: I got to meet up with my friend Eric Goldberg again and play fanboy for once:

Yes, I made him sign the rulebook for his game Tales of the Arabian Nights. There is a signature, but I cropped it out because if I hadn't you'd use it to empty his bank account.

I usually let my students play games from my collection, but they won't be getting near this one...

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