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4:09pm on Thursday, 30th August, 2018:

Surprise Visit


One of my old university friends, Gwyn Evans, was in the area today so he visited the old place with his wife (Sue, also an Essex graduate) and daughters (a physicist and a musician, so they couldn't study at Essex even if they wanted to).

We spent a pleasant hour and a half wandering around, looking at all the new buildings, along with some of the old ones that haven't changed in 40 years. Well, Gwyn, Sue and I did; I don't think the teenagers were quite so interested.

Gwyn and Sue are still programming for a living, which is unusual for people in their 50s. It is creative coding, though, so people brought up in the era when all coding was like that have an advantage. I wish I had time to code more myself, but it needs a clear run of a few hours that I srarely get. I only have time to write pocket programs these days, to work something out or test something out quickly. Sigh...

Gwyn still has a printout of MUD on lineprinter paper. It sounds as if it's in better condition than mine. If he holds onto it for another 200 years, it might be worth something.

Oh well, back to work. This 194-page MSc dissertation won't read itself...

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