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7:52am on Saturday, 27th October, 2018:



I stayed in a hotel in Reading overnight, on the way to my niece Nicola's wedding today in Wales. We chose Reading because it rhymes with wedding. We haven't set off yet as it's only 90 minutes away and we don't have to be there for another 5 hours, so I'm still here.

Anyway, to use the Internet, I have to say I've read and accept the terms and conditions. I always do actually read the terms and conditions when asked, so I clicked on the link. It reloaded the same page.

It turns out that to read the terms and conditions you first have to accept them, because they're located on the wider Internet. That rather undemines the point of asking for them.

They did say at reception that the system was newly-installed yesterday, come to think of it.

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