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3:36pm on Sunday, 25th February, 2018:

Plant Names


My mother's mother used to name her houseplants after the person who'd given them to her. She'd say "Oh, I must go and water Mrs Franklin" or "Jack Wrightson needs dusting". Jack Wrightson had been dead 20 years, but he lived on in her plant.

My grandmother's twin sister had the name Irene, but everyone called her Renie. Her husband was called Andrew, or Andy for short. They gave my grandmother a plant once, which she named after them by combining their names: Randy. She was entirely unaware that the word was used as slang for being up for sex.

No-one else named their plants after the people who gave them as gifts, as far as I know. It was just my grandmother who did it, it wasn't common among people born in the 1910s.

It's a nice idea, but we bought most of the plants in our house ourselves, so it probably wouldn't work for us.

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