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6:04pm on Thursday, 25th January, 2018:



According to the email I've just received from the university;s Health and Safety Advisory, "Prolonged use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) (e.g. computers, laptops and tablets) in an uncomfortable posture can result in aches, pains and visual fatigue. In some cases it can lead to permanent disability. To help prevent DSE related injuries and to ensure the University meets its legal requirements we ask that each year you review or complete a DSE self-assessment."

No, you don't ask each year. It's several years since you last asked. I remember that last time, there was a big fuss because one of our members of staff refused point blank to take the test — and that member of staff is now our Head of School. Some of us in CSEE have been using display screen equipment for 35 or 40 years.

Also today, I received an email about PhD supervision training. "All supervisors are required to undergo regular self-assessment via this third pathway every three academic years, to ensure continuing excellence in supervision."

I'm just going to put them both off until I've marked the MSc assignments I have to mark, marked the PhD assignments I have to mark, commented on the paper I have to read, commented on the tweo PhD applications I have to read, read the material for the programme review of Brunel University's games schemes I have to read, written up the book chapter proposal I promised to write up, checked the examination papers I have to check (which were supposed to be completed some time ago but weren't), updated my RIS folder (whatever that is) and filled in some forms about student placements I was meant to do before Christmas.

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