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5:27pm on Friday, 24th August, 2018:



When I was a teenager, there were only three American sitcoms worth watching: MASH, Happy Days and Soap. All the rest were dreadful.

MASH was ruined when the BBC started playing the version with a laugh track.
Happy Days was OK until it literally defined the term "jumping the shark".
Soap was OK until they started introducing supernatural elements that broke the fiction.

I never got into American sitcoms after that, because I stopped watching TV much. I played or wrote games instead. I did see episodes of Seinfeld, Cheers, Friends and a few others, but never really found them funny.

The same applies to Big Bang Theory. I wanted to like it, but the few episodes I saw were never funny. Worse, at times they seemed to be trying to make jokes of things that you had to disdain if you were to find them funny, such as geek culture. I therefore couldn't really care either way about its recent cancellation.

Oh, I did find The Simpsons funny at the start, but it petered out after a few seasons.

Still, at least the US is still interested in making sitcoms, unlike the BBC.

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