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8:09pm on Tuesday, 24th July, 2018:



We're at Milan airport now, waiting to come home. Our flight is delayed, but hopefully not by enough to add a surcharge to the parking I paid for in advance.

During our stay in Bellagio, I noticed cars with registration numbers from the following non-Italian countries: Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Macedonia (or whatever it's called these days). There was also one car from the UK: a blue Bentley with a personalised registration number.

Living on a continental mainland must give people a different perspective to living on an island. For someone in Norway to decide to go on holiday to Lake Como by driving there requires a mindset not in general possessed by islanders such as the British. OK, so it must help that they all drive on the same side of the road, but still. I wouldn't even want to drive to Edinburgh, let alone Milan or Munich or Madrid.

That said, I saw no cars from the Balkans apart from the Macedonian one. There were none from the rest of eastern Europe, either: no Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary or Slovakia. I can see why Greece, Spain and Portugal may be quite happy with their own weather and scenery, so wouldn't necessarily come. Then again, perhaps they prefer to fly in or come by train.

Most tourists in Bellagio that we came across were British, specificallyEnglish. Next were Australians, then probablya tie between Germans and USAmericans. Italy could have supplied most, though; it's hard to tell whether they're locals or visitors because they all speak Italian.

Just another 45 minutes for our scheduled departure, plus 30 minutes for the delay, then we're off and can look forward to a two-hour drive home upon landing at Heathrow.

I have 20 emails to answer on my university email (I dismissed another 40 or so) and our guard daughter has informed us that one of our rooms has an infestation of flies. Lots to look forward to when we get back then!

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