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5:06pm on Saturday, 17th March, 2018:

Brunch at Bettys


I returned to York today, having stayed overnight at my dad's in my home town of Hornsea. My purpose: brunch with my niece and her boyfriend at Bettys Tearooms.

I like Bettys Tearooms so much that I consent to their disavowal of an apostrophe in their name. It's a wonderful establishment! When we left, there were a dozen or more people queueing outside in the freezing cold for entry, in addition to another dozen inside. It's quite expensive by Yorkshire standards, but not by those of Colchester. Having eaten half a coffee cake at my dad's (with the other half waiting in my car) I thought I'd better not have anything off the cake trolley so had eggs benedict instead. It was a good decision.

I'm glad that Bettys isn't a big chain. There are two tearooms in York and the original plus a newer one in Harrogate, and two elsewhere. If they opened one in Colchester, I'd have to go there at least once a week. Fortunately, they've vowed not to open any branches outside of Yorkshire, so my waistline is safe for now.

I was going to visit some places for genealogical research (OK, taking photos of gravestones) on the way home, but the weather warning of an imminent blizard persuaded me to abandon that plan. Naturally, the weather wasn't even at a nuisance level for the entire journey. I do wish weather forecasters didn't regard themselves as actors in a drama.

My niece is fine, although it's another matter whether she will be having carried to the top of York Minster the bag of jazz CDs my dad gave me to pass on to her. Oh, hold on, she did have her boyfriend with her: he'll be the one to have suffered, then, not her.

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