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3:24pm on Thursday, 16th August, 2018:



I'm on the coach that will some three hours from now deposit me at Dublin airport, ready for my flight back to the UK some five hours hence.

My talk yesterday went very much better than I expected, with lots of questions afterwaqrds and people coming to talk to me about it later. There may even be some hoping to talk to me now (the last day of the conference is tomorrow), but they'll be out of luck. I guess IEEE people aren't used to more philosophical presentations, so are excited when they hear one as they can talk about things they've been thinking about themselves.

Personally, I was very impressed by the other keynotes that I caught. Mia Consalvo's work on Twitch was a real eye-opener, and the depth of research and analysis amazing. Kate Edwards' talk contained enough material for at least one and possibly two lectures on my modules, so I'll be pestering her for the slides. It's mildly annoying that I'll miss the other keynotes, because they do sound very interesting and the quality of speakers is high. Still, academic conferences always run to a tight budget, and another two nights in the hotel would have been a big ask on my part.

I'll upload my slides when I get home, as usual.

Hmm, it seems that I spent the entire journey from Dublin to Galway breaking the law. I didn't even know there were seatbelts on the bus, let alone that the wearing of them was mandatory...

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