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12:18pm on Saturday, 15th September, 2018:



I have a birthday card to send next week, but I'll be away. I decided to buy a stamp for it today then give it to my wife to post. Here's roughly how the conversation with the Post Office counter person went.

Me: Hi, I'd like to send this to the Netherlands, please.
Her: (Looks at scales) That'll be £1.55 please.
Me: How long will it take to get there? Only it's for a birthday and I want to time it right.
Her: We say a minimum of three working days. (She starts operating a machine to print a stamp).
Me: So I'll be able to hold onto this and post it next week?
Her: (Having trouble with machine) Yes.
(She takes out the printed stamp and sticks it on. I notice a date on it).
Her: That'll be £1.55 then.
(I pay).
Me: Can I have it back, then?
Her: I can just put it in the sack so there's no need to post it.
Me: I want to post it next week, not today.
Her: Fine. (She puts it where I can pick it up)
Me: This stamp will still work next week? It's not time-limited?
Her: (Looking at it) No. You'll need a £1.55 stamp on it.
(She starts peeling off the printed stamp)
Me: That's taking some of the envelope with it.
Her: I have to take it off and put a £1.55 stamp on it.
Me: Can't you just leave it on?
Her: I have to spoil it.
Me: You're spoiling the envelope, too.
Her: Fine. (She takes a black marker and defaces the old stamp)
Me: (Sighs plaintively)
Her: I wish you'd told me this before.
Me: I sort of did...
(She sticks a £1.55 stamp on top of the defaced stamp and passes it to me)

Here is the result.

I expect it'll arrive, but whether it'll be held up because of the multiple stampage I don't know.

Maybe I should post it today, just in case.

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