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10:15pm on Tuesday, 14th August, 2018:



Well, I made it to Galway. I arrived an hour before my bus was due to leave (having left time for delays), but was able to use my ticket on an earlier bus. I was on that bus for three hours and ten minutes, having not realised that "non-stop to Galway" meant "non-stop to Galway except for that one stop in Dublin city centre that adds 40 minutes to the journey". I still got into Galway earlier than if I'd waited an hour, though, despite the fact that Galway's traffic lights only let two vehicles through at once before changing to red.

The Ireland I saw from the bus window was largely green fields, trees and scrubland. The land seemed to be used mainly for cattle rather than for crops (when it was used at all). It was, as I said, mainly green: it's basically called "the Emerald Isle" because of all the rain that Ireland gets.

Galway is the fourth-largest city in Ireland, but still smaller than Colchester. I was nevertheless pleased to be able to take a taxi to the hotel, because the university (which is enormous) is some way from the town centre. The hotel I'm in is very swanky  — my bed is bigger than some bedrooms I've stayed in in other hotels — and there's a wonderful brass domed ceiling in the entrance hall that makes every word spoken beneath it echo in a wonderfully metallic way. It has fairly quick free Internet, too, hence this post.

I have tomorrow morning free, as the workshop I was going to run didn't get enough sign-ups. If the rain isn't too heavy, I may go exploring. If it is, though, I could be cranking up Steam and installing some games on my laptop...

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