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2:32pm on Monday, 14th May, 2018:

Age Defying


I was in Colchester over lunch to pick up my car after its MOT, so I went to Dr Chippy's for fishcakes and chips. I don't like fish, but theirs have so much potato in them that I can't taste it.

"You're over 60", said the waitress.

I informed her that no, I wasn't over 60.

She seemed surprised. "If you're over 60, you get the pensioners' discount."

I explained that even though that may be the case, it didn't make me over 60.

"We can say you're over 60 and you can get the discount", she responded.

I informed her that I had no wish to cheat Dr Chippy out of a couple of quid by lying about my age.

My younger daughter gets annoyed at being asked to provide evidence that she's 18 (she's 24). People think she's younger than she actually is.

I seem to have the opposite problem.

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