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2:43pm on Sunday, 11th February, 2018:



I'm still in the process of transferring programs from my old computer to the new one I got a couple of weeks ago.

Some transferred just fine and ran immediately.

Some transferred but needed me to download assorted .DLL files from Microsoft to work.

Some needed to be reinstalled to work, but thereupon worked.

Some put up more of a fight.

I couldn't get my old Visual Studio to install, so had to download the new one. That's not so bad, as it's free. It seems to work, but doesn't like any of my old projects; I can probably get round that, but harbour a suspicion that it's missing a compiler so I may need to revise that view.

My genealogy software didn't transfer The instructions for transferring tell me to install it on both computers and run a plugin, which would be reasonable if the means to install it on the new computer existed. They don't. The problem is, I bought version 5 originally then paid to upgrade it to version 6 when the new version was released. I can download and install version 6, but my licence key for version 5 doesn't work for it and neither does my upgrade key. Eventually, I had to buy a new copy of the software for £35 or so and then do the transfer. I don't mind too much, as it's pretty good value, but still.

What's giving me the most trouble is my graphics software. I use Corel Photo Paint, which for a while now has been trying to persuade me to upgrade from X7 to X8. My X7 version was an upgrade of X4, for which I have an installation CD. OK, so I merely need to install X4 then apply the upgrade. This might have worked if version X4 hadn't refused to install, telling me it wouldn't run on this computer.

Hmm. Maybe I'll try version 12, then which I was using before I bought X4. This installed, but Photo Paint crashed when I ran it.

OK, so maybe I'll just buy the X8 version of Photo Paint, it's only YE GODS, OVER £500. Maybe I'll give it a miss, then.

How about Photoshop? Everyone else seems to use that, so it ought to be pretty good. Yes, it looks nice, and only around £20 — wait, that's a month? Can't I buy it flat out? Why do I have to rent it?

Before I used Photo Paint version 12, I used version 7. I still have the installation disc for this, too. It dates from 1996. I installed it, and ... well how about that? It works. It comes up with some error about the disc being full if I scan with it, but I still get the scan come through. OK, well I'll go with that, then.

There's probably some perfectly serviceable but more modern image manipulation software out there that won't cost me a kidney to pay for, but I can look for that after I've move everything over.

Just need to install seven more games and I'm almost good to go. The last job will be configuring my email reader. I expect that to be the most painful process of all...

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