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9:44am on Thursday, 10th May, 2018:

Krakow Vignette


Kraków vignette.

Polish ice cream is unexpectedly good.
This is a very clean city, with hardly any rubbish anywhere (except in bins).
School trips render every cathedral inaccessible.
It's a very cyclist-friendly city, but the cyclists are unfriendly.
Steps can be invisible. You think you're walking on a flat surface then ARGH!
Either you can't take photos of the inside of churches, or you can but you have to pay for permission.
Word that pigeons are carriers of unpleasant diseases hasn't yet reached this part of Poland.
Leonardo Da Vinci wasn't good at drawing hands.
Milk in tea is not a thing here.
You can tell how far you are from the tourist centre by looking at the prices of the bread rolls at the stands on street corners: 1.30, 1.50, 1.60, 1.80, 2.00. Exception: they're 2.60 at the airport.
Oh wow! They have Asparagus Time here! I thought that was just in Germany. Mmm, asparagus...
If you didn't know before you visited that Pope John Paul II was previously archbishop of Kraków, you'd know afterwards.
Maybe those little stalls in the town square open at the weekend.
There are no empty shops here. All of them are occupied.
There seems to be a synergy between Polish and Italian cuisine. Polish/Italian restaurants abound.
That kid busking on the accordian was playing The Armed Man, or L'homme Armée to be strictly accurate.
Torrential thunderstorms in the evening are a daily occurrence.
Jaywalking is so rife that people don't even look, they just step out onto the road when they feel like it.

So that's Kraków.

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