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5:20pm on Monday, 9th April, 2018:



I've finished marking my CE217 module, and as a result can soon have my life back. I say "soon" because there are some late submissions and I have to leave feedback for them. I don't have to give them a mark, because their mark is zero: we have zero-tolerance marking policy for late submissions. Nevertheless, because I still have to leave feedback, the students who did submit on time will receive their marks a day late. I wish I could release marks sooner for students who submitted their assignments sooner, but they all have to be released at once.

I mark anonymously, which I much prefer because it's fairer for all concerned. Afterwards, I may look up who students are (using their registration number) to see who managed to do spectacularly well, but I never do it prior to marking. I can find out their names easily enough as they're listed in the mark sheet, but that means nothing as I only know faces from lectures and classes, not names.

Student ID numbers begin with the two years of the student's initial registration: my own number was 7801068, for example, as I started in 1978. As these are second-year students, most of them started in 2016 and so have a registration number beginning with 16. Students who are doing a placement year at Essex University from some other university will have a number beginning with 17. Students who had to repeat a year or intermit for a year will have a number beginning with 15; students who did the foundation year will also have a number beginning with 15. Students who have a number beginning with 14 took three years to get to this stage, rather than the one year of the 2016 entrants.

Whether or not there is a fair correlation between students' marks and the first two digits of their registration number I leave you to speculate upon.

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