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7:16pm on Thursday, 8th November, 2018:



As my wife commutes, I pick her up from the train station every evening. I go to the small car park, pick her up at the entrance, then turn around in the car park and come home. This means I can avoid having queueing for a major roundabout that has three sets of traffic lights on it (the first of which only lets four cars through at a time) to pick her up at the front of the station where I can then compete with everyone else picking people up or driving out of the large car park.

Today, disaster struck! The small car park now has automatic number-place recognition cameras. Now, if I pick up my wife and turn the car round in the small car park, it's going to slap me with some kind of charge. There's a large sign there listing various terms and conditions, so I'm hoping there's something in there saying that charges only kick in after 5 minutes or so; I couldn't really read it all, though, as I was blocking the way into the car park.

I didn't actually enter the car park: I stopped at the entrance then reversed (blocking an even smaller car park, but fortunately my wife arrived before the drivers of the cars trying to leave it got cross). I'm hoping this doesn't mean the system thinks I entered the car park and am still parked there because it hasn't seen me leave.

This is going to make picking my wife up even more irritating for both of us than it is already. Pesky brittle technology use...

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