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5:28pm on Monday, 8th October, 2018:

Federation II


I've just heard that Federation II is closing down, after 30 years of operation.

The reason given by its author, Alan Lenton, is that he's getting close to age 70 now and he's finally starting to feel the strain of maintaining the game. The official closure notice also cites issues to do with security certificates and GDPR rules.

For those of you who don't know, Fed was one of the "big five" MUDs of the 1980s, along with MUD, Shades, Gods and MirrorWorld. It was the only one to make it to AOL in the boom years, and was always loved by its players. There's a 1990 review of it (by me) on my web site here.

I doubt that many MMO journalists, let alone MMO players, remember Fed. So it is with pioneers. It's a shame it's closing down, but a joy  — and a testament to its developers and players — that it's managed to last as long as it has.


I'm surprised Alan is nearing 70, though; I thought he was permanently in his 30s.

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