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7:55am on Wednesday, 5th September, 2018:



Yesterday, my mother asked me to get an old coffer off the top of a cupboard, in the belief that it contained a key to another old coffer. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the key it contained was to itself. However, also within it was this:

It's a toy cat called Felix. It belonged to my mother's aunt, who herself was given it when she was a little girl. Given that she was born in 1905, this means Felix is over a hundred years old.

On Felix's paws are loops of elastic. I don't know what purpose they serve, but would guess that they're there to increase the play possibilities (so Felix can "hold" things). Then again, they could be for attaching the paws to hair or something. It's not a feature I've seen before.

My mother says that Felix has had the bow for as long as she can remember, which means over 70 years. Whether Felix came with a bow, though, I don't know. Lying in a coffer for the past 30 years has certainly helped with preservation.

I didn't think I'd seen Felix ever before until yesterday, but having had chance to consider it I believe now that I have. I'm getting two images in my mind: one of Felix in a display case; one of Felix being removed from a container while something was being looked for. It's going to take some time before I can extract the context of either, though.

Maybe I'll ask my mother when Felix came into her possession, that ought to help.

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