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2:29pm on Monday, 1st October, 2018:



When I was in Sweden, at one point I was getting some salad with my lunch (hey, it was free!) and moved my tray to the left. Simultaneously, someone at the other side of the table pushed a bowl which pushed another bowl so it overhung the edge of the tray rail. My glass hit the bowl and spilled some kind of red Swedish fruit juice all over the tray and the floor. No-one's fault really, it's just how it happened.

On my flight home yesterday, I was getting a cup of tea from a flight attendant (hey, it was free!) and handed her back the sugar I didn't want. Simultaneously, she was passing me the milk and had to put it where she wasn't expecting to put it, thereby knocking over the tea. No-one's fault really, it's just how it happened.

Except, ye gods! That tea was HOT! Scalding hot! I managed to pull the cloth of my trousers off my legs, but not before I felt it.

The flight attendant insisted I put on some burn cream; I think she was worried I might sue the airline, but I wouldn't have done that for what was simply an accident. I'm glad she did, though, because it really did make a difference. It was a little embarrassing to apply, as there was someone in the toilet really taking their time so I had to put the cream on behind a curtain across the front exit of the aircraft, but it did the trick and stopped it from stinging.

I spent the rest of the flight sitting in wet trousers, although they'd largely dried off by the time I got to the car to drive home.

One part of my leg still stings today, because I missed putting the cream on it. I realised I'd done it shortly after I'd applied the cream, but it was only a little bit.

It does still sting, though.

The most annoying thing is that it hasn't left a mark.

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