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11:40am on Sunday, 1st July, 2018:



Ah, the first of July! I begin a new job today.

I'm not giving up the old job (Honorary Professor Game Design at the University of Essex), but I'm only 0.5 full-time equivalent there. In practice, this take more than half my time, but I still have a chunk free.

So, as of today I'll also be Guest Professor (Gästprofessor) at the University of Uppsala in Sweden; specifically, I'll be attached to the Gotland outpost where the games group is based.

My duties will primarily concern research rather than teaching, and my contract is expected to last two years. I'll be 0.2 full-time equivalent, but rather than work one day a week for the year, I'll visit the campus a few weeks at a time, two or three times a year. This makes the position compatible with what I do at Essex (and has the bonus of stopping Essex from encroaching further on my time).

I'm not unhappy with Essex, far from it, but the opportunity to work with 25 games-first academics (including Ernest Adams) instead of a mere 2 is just too attractive to resist. I'm flattered to have been asked!

My only disappointment so far is the discovery that Läkerol have stopped doing the lime and ginger gummies upon which I was looking forward to gorging myself.

Right! Now to download the Google Translate Swedish dictionary onto my phone for faster processing.

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