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9:56am on Monday, 1st January, 2018:

Eighteen Minutes Past Eight


I never really got used to the year's being 2017, so let's see if 2018 does any better.

This time of year, I look back to see what my most-read QBlog posts were, while bemoaning the fact that the readership has fallen yet again. I probably have more readers, courtesy of the cross-posts to Facebook and Google+, but they don't provide analytics. Anyway, this year there were 22,000 QBlog sessions (it now rounds to the nearest 1,0o0) compared to 25,172 last year.

The most popular post of 2017 was the one in April in which I recounted the seismic changes occurring in the department at the university. "Most popular" here only means 219 views, though. Next up, on 169, was a very short post about a talk I gave in Spain; I can only imagine that people read the previous post (featuring Richard Garriott) and then read the next one to see if anything interesting was there, too. It wasn't.

The four most popular posts were actually from previous years. The runaway leader on 1,351 was 2010's telling of the Red-Nosed Clown joke. Next, on 333, was me moaning about BT broadband in 2007. Third, on 298, featured a model I made of Duplo to illustrate my Player Types from 2008. In fourth is a 2006 post about what it means that chimps and humans share 98% of their DNA.

Something of a rag-bag of references there. Oh well, I'll keep at it.

Have a good 2018, folks!

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