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11:00am on Tuesday, 30th May, 2017:



I was at a talk yesterday at the Gotland Games Conference entitled "From Porn to Love: Games' Growing Up!". Given that the theme of the conference is "M for Mature", I figured this was going to be about games and sex. However, it was about designng games in a more thoughtful way, using concepts such as analogy to convey ideas. The title itself was a metphor.

I was at a talk today entitled "Grief-Based Game Design". I thought this was going to be about how a game design can turn a player base toxic, but it turned out to be about making a game to cope with the grief of losing a child.

It's worth mentioning that in both cases the actual topic was more interesting than the one I thought it was going to be.

My own talk, however, was about exactly what the title suggested it was about (Human Rights and Virtual Worlds), so the people who got up for the 9am start were stuck with it.

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