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5:31pm on Monday, 30th January, 2017:



I've been playing through Dragon's Dogma again this month. I played it last year around this time, but missed the extended, multiple cut-scene endings because I didn't take my character's full-face helmet off. This time I did take it off, so didn't come away with the impression that my character was a Dalek.

I do like the "pawn" system the game has. Every player gets an assistant character (their pawn) but a party consists of four characters. The other characters are other players' pawns, taken from the server. I tend to play with them for two or three levels, then release them and get another couple. It does add some varietyg, although I have to say that most pawns seem to be female characters and a good many of them don't care to be wear many clothes.

My pawn this time was male. I was a bit surprised when at the end he was reincarnated in my (female) character's body as he shouted out "MAAASTERRR!" using his original voice, but at least he didn't get to keep his own head. That might have been weird.

Another part of the game is that you have a love interest you have to save. Although you might have thought that this would be the non-player character that your own character likes the most, actually the game uses the one that likes your character the most. "Like" is apparently to do with the number of interactions you have with them, as a result of which I had to choose between killing a dragon or saving the life of the shopkeeper to whom I had sold most of my rubbish. I didn't like the shopkeeper and would happily have seen him die as well as killing the dragon. Sadly, that wasn't an option. As a result, having killed the dragon I had to watch an awkward clinch with this unpleasant little man (who had a wife, I might add). I wouldn't care, but afterwards he disappeared from the shop and I never saw him again; I had to sell my rubbish to other vendors instead. Bah, men!

I could have kept on playing as this is a game with scores of sub-quests, but once it started "balancing" them by giving me double the number of monsters to take on, it got a bit tiresome. Some of these monsters take fifteen to thirty minutes to kill.

Next up: The Witcher 3!

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