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7:50pm on Tuesday, 28th November, 2017:



Right now the England women's football team is taking on Kazakhstan in a World Cup qualifier at the Community Stadium in Colchester (it's 0-0 after 6 minutes).

I didn't know that the England women's team were playing a 10-minute drive away from where I live until I heard it on the local TV news this morning. Whatever publicity was put out for the game, it didn't make it as far as me. If they put targeted ads they put in Facebook, I wasn't one of the targets.

The Community Stadium is the home of Colchester United, a team languishing in the fourth tier of the professional men's league. The ground has a capacity of 10,105 people. This is some 4,874 less than the capacity of Wimbledon's Centre Court. It's not a big ground.
OK, so I don't suppose there will be many supporters coming over from Kazakhstan to watch, but still, the England women's team should be able to command a larger crowd than 10,105. Perhaps there was low publicity so that people didn't end up queueing to get in?

The location of the Community Stadium is Cuckoo Farm. That figures.

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