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1:20pm on Wednesday, 27th December, 2017:

Days Off


I officially have today off work. I actually booked it off, along with tomorrow and Friday, using the university's handy Human Resources web site (which, in common with all other university web sites, is impossible to find unless you kept the email which mentioned it several years ago).

I booked the days off because we get into trouble if we don't book all the holiday time we're supposed to take during the year. The university wants us to take our full holiday entitlement.

Of course, the fact that I have to prepare two series of lectures before the start of term and write six examination papers by mid-January means that I shan't, in fact, be taking all of today off. I managed to finish all the marking I had to do by Chirstmas Eve and to read the papers I was instructed to read (on optimisation, about which I understood little before and even less now) later that same day, but I still have a bunch of emails to respond to, some of which could conceivably actually be worth reading (although it seems unlikely).

If the university actually wants us to take our full holiday entitlement, perhaps the thing to do would be to stop giving us so much work to do between terms.

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