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2:08pm on Sunday, 27th August, 2017:



I've been putting up some new cupboard doors in my younger daughter's bedroom over the past few weeks, because she wouldn't pay for a professional to do it. There are eight in total, and I do one then stop; there's plenty of time to do the others later.

Well, there was. I found out yesterday that my father-in-law will be staying for a few days in early September. My wife and daughter had made all the plans and done that thing where they believe that if they know it, I must also know it. I didn't know it. Now, I have to get those doors up (if not properly adjusted) before he comes, otherwise he'll help. A lot of the problems I'm having putting these doors up are because he helped when we put the doors up that I'm now replacing.

I only had two doors left to do this morning, so was thinking maybe I'd do them both. I would have done, too, had it not been for this:

It's a screw with a rounded head. Its slot was so soft that when I put a screwdriver in it, I couldn't turn it. Bits of metal came off on the tip of the screwdriver. The screw was in the old hinge that I was taking off, and largely inaccessible. I could have drilled it out, but I needed the hole for a new screw.

Eventually, as you may be able to see, I managed to hacksaw the sides off the screw head and get some purchase on it with a pair of pliers. Sawing it was awkward, as I had to keep the hinge at just the right amount of openness to be able to move the hacksaw back and forth maybe an inch at a time.

It took me 50 minutes to remove that one screw, which turned out to be bent as well as slack-slotted.

I'll do the final door tomorrow maybe...

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