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4:03pm on Sunday, 26th February, 2017:



Every so often, I'm sent an email by the university requiring me to fill in a Time Allocation Survey form. In it, I have to explain what I've been doing in a particular, randomly-chosen week.

In the past, I've been sent forms to outline my work-related activities while I was on holiday, or during the week after Christmas. or while I was at a conference, or while I was doing external examining. As a result, it looks as if I never do any work at all. I almost hit the jackpot when they chose my intense, 10-5 every weekday for a fortnight period of teaching, but then that was scheduled to a different fortnight and I looked like a layabout again.

This time, though, I finally struck gold. They chose a week in the spring term, which is when I'm inundated with work.

Teaching of Undergraduate Students: 14 hours. Lectures, classes, preparing lectures, preparing classes, project supervisory meetings, meetings and emails about next year's projects, ...
Teaching Support: 2 hours. Meeting students who don't come to meetings, emailing admin staff about said students, interviewing prospective undergraduates, ...
University/HEFCE Funded Research: 3 hours. Speaking at a university event on gamification, ...
Research Council Funded Research: 2 hours. Weekly IGGI meeting, weekly DALI meeting, ...
Supervision and Support of Postgraduate Research Students: 13 hours. PhD/MSc supervisory meetings, reviewing/editing a paper, ...
Total: 34 hours

Ha! 34 hours when on my 0.5 full-time equivalent contract I'm only supposed to do 18 hours! No wonder I couldn't make the Senior Staff meeting.

Hmm, I think I may have interviewed a research assistant candidate too. Or was that the week before?

There is no part of the form where I can indicate that I spent time filling in the form.

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