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6:28pm on Monday, 24th July, 2017:



When I set off to work this morning, I was expecting to leave for home again at about 1:30pm following consecutive meetings with students and supervisees. However, it turned out that a joint interview I'd agreed to do with one of my (now former) students, Cristiana Andrade Pacheco, was today rather than Wednesday, so I didn't leave until 5pm.

The interview was for the university's alumni magazine. The idea is that two students who studied the same subject at different times are interviewed together about their experiences at the university. I was expecting that to be fun, and indeed it was, as we do have different perspectives (I still regard console handsets as new-fangled, for examples). It was preceded by forty-five minutes of photography, though, of which one picture, perhaps two at most, will be used. If I'd known I was being interviewed today, I might have gone to the effort of putting on a better shirt and some games-related cufflinks. As it is, I look my everyday slobbish self, and can also expect to appear really creepy sitting next to a woman over 35 years younger than me. I can foresee people offering Cristiana therapy or legal advice once the article is published.

Still, it'll show all those readers of the university magazine that I'm still alive and haven't lost my hair, which is good enough for me.

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