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4:36pm on Monday, 23rd October, 2017:

All Relative


On the way back from the university today, I listened to a programme on the radio about Hull. It's the UK City of Culture for 2017, basically on the grounds of sarcasm. Nevertheless, that does mean it gets occasional mentions on the national stage, and this was just such a mention.

One of the things that struck me was that the presenter and several of the people to whom she spoke regarded Hull as being distant from the rest of the country, on the edge. The M62 ends there, the train ends there: there's nothing beyond it.

Hmm. Growing up in a town an hour away by bus (40 minutes on the express), Hull was actually the big city for me. It's where the world started, not where it ended. If the people of Hull think they're remote, they should try living in Hornsea (or, better still, one of the villages around Hornsea for which Hornsea is the nearest town). It's all relative.

That Hull accent really is ghastly compared to the accents of the areas surrounding it, though...

Oh, the reason I'd gone onto campus today instead of working at home was because I had individual, half-hour supervisory meetings with five students. Two of them showed up.

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