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12:32am on Saturday, 21st October, 2017:



Here are some more playing cards I bought recently.

Well, it says "playing cards" on the box, but I know nothing about them. Indeed, this is the first time I've taken them out of the box, because they smell of tobacco and are filthy and I've had to wash my hands after touching them for fear of catching a plague of some sort. They do look very interesting, though, which is why I bought them.

There are 96 in total. The box they're in looks like a slightly-thicker-than-normal playing card box, but they're arranged left-to-right rather than front-to-back. I don't know what games could be played with them, or how they're organised in suits and ranks (if indeed they are at all).

I think my Anglo-Chinese dictionaries will be earning their keep when I have time for a closer inspection.

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