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8:28am on Wednesday, 21st June, 2017:

Student Assessment of Modules


Every year, our students have to rate their modules for quality of teaching. This year's league tables for the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering are out, and here are the top five most highly-rated modules (out of 53 in total):

Ha! CE317 and CE217 are mine.

I knew that making people fill out their module assessment forms at the start of the lecture was a winning idea. All the students who don't like my modules show up late, so don't get a form, so can't vent their fury at me.

I need to improve CE217, though. I think I'll achieve that by sabotaging CE331, CE315 and CE218 — that's much easier than improving my teaching. We're forbidden by law from telling students to rate our modules highly, but there's nothing to stop me encouraging my students to rate their other modules badly.

These game-playing skills I've built up over decades come in really handy at times.

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