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5:27pm on Wednesday, 20th September, 2017:



I've been playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 for several evenings now, and am getting increasingly annoyed by its lack of a pause button.

The way the game works, you can move around in real time until combat starts, then it enters turn-based mode. This is good: it means that you can direct each character in your party to perform individual actions during combat, giving you time to think and act. When combat ends, turn-based mode is switched off and it's back to real-time mode. Fair enough.

Well yes, except that there's no pause key that allows you to switch back into turn-based mode. You can pause by hitting escape and bringing up the menu, but you can't interact with the game while it's in that state.

Why would you want to interact with the game?

Well, you'd want to because the game doesn't end turn-based moder when combat is over, it ends it when your enemies are dead. Suddenly, you regain control of all your characters. Some of them may be standing in fire, or poisoned, taking damage over time. If the game were paused, you could address each one's issues individually: have the burning ones walk into water, say, or have the poisoned ones swig a potion or whack them with a restoration spell. You can't do this is you have four of them all with different needs and some will be dead within three seconds if you don't do the right thing.

Because of this, I'm having to refight some battles that were fun the first time round but that are tedious the second or third time. It's not ideal. This is a shame, because otherwise the game is pretty good.

Maybe there's a mod or something that will do it...

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