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11:12am on Thursday, 14th September, 2017:

IGGI in York


The IGGI ("Intelligent Games, Game Intelligence") conference in York began yesterday, although only for members of the doctoral training centre itself; we don't get any real people attending until today.

When we had the first IGGI conference in 2014, it wasn't big enough to be called a conference so we called it a symposium. The students had only just started and had to give lengthy explanations of what their work was going to involve. Meetings with representatives of industry didn't therefore go too well, because industry wants practical tools and all we had to sell was ideas.

We have so many students now that the lengthy talks are reduced to 1-minute research overviews, which still takes almost an hour. Interested industry people can go and chat to the students who catch their eye afterwards, at a poster session. Our first cohort is now in its final year, and has actual results of practical use. We also have some student-run workshops to introduce techniques that might be of interest to the games industry.

Next year is our final intake, then student numbers will reduce as each cohort leaves with their PhD. By the end, we'll have a symposium again and a dozen students in their final year will be presenting fully-realised research to industry partners (who may even include former students who have been recruited).

If there's a chance of obtaining funding for an IGGI 2, I'd be up for it.

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