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3:23pm on Sunday, 14th May, 2017:



I have to go to Falmouth University later this week as I'm the external examiner for their games degrees. I've spent a few hours this weekend going through their modules to make sure everything is in order, in an effort not to look a complete fool when I'm in the board meeting.

The BSc Games Programming is only in its second year, so there are some new modules that haven't been taught before. I knew the overview of these already (interfaces and interaction; graphics and simulation; pre-production; production; artificial intelligence; distributed systems) but not the content. I was especially keen to see what the AI module contained, so as to compare it with our own second-year AI module. As it happened, though, this wasn't the most interesting module at all.

The most interesting module was COMP260: Distributed Systems. It wasn't until I looked at the module specification that I realised the students work together in groups to make a MUD. They MAKE A MUD as a second-year project! Wow! That's just amazing! I'd love to be able to have our students do that kind of thing!

Even better, I feature in the module description. Here's a clipping from it:

It's such a shame that I'm a consummate professional and won't let this influence my assessment of the module at all.

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