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1:35pm on Friday, 11th August, 2017:

Let's Speak


Because I wanted to make some room on a bookshelf, I decided to throw out some phrase books that I'd kept from 2003 when they were given away as freebies in The Independent. Thanks to translation apps and the fact I won't be allowed into Europe anyway post-Brexit, I've now no need to learn to speak French, Italian or German.

I did take a look at them before sending them off for recycling (probably into the sandwiches we have at Essex University), I had a look inside. It turns out that they all follow the same format, being part of a series of learn-a-foreign-language-for-35-minutes-a-day-for-6-weeks books. It's interesting to compare some of the phrases used for the same sections in different languages.

Ah, national stereotypes...

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