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6:36pm on Tuesday, 10th October, 2017:

Game Making


We had the first session of our make-a-Viking-game challenge for our first-year students today. As expected, 60 people in a room intended for 48 was a little crowded, especially as there were no windows and the air condition was stuck on maximum ineffectiveness.

Over the summer, I wore the same jacket any time I went out. I was planning on getting it dry-cleaned when it got dirty, but it never got dirty. I must have worn it on and off for something like four months. I figured I should probably treat it to a clean, though, so yesterday switched to a new jacket.

Standing in a room of 60 students meant for 48 students, with no air conditioning and no windows ... well, let's just say this jacket is probably going to be going to the dry cleaners before the end of the week.

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