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4:47pm on Friday, 10th February, 2017:



I have three ways of accessing the Internet from home.

My preferred way is using a supposedly 10mbps connection that connects my router to the village router using some kind of line-of-sight wireless connectivity solution. This is usually fine, but subject to sudden outages if, say, a pigeon decides to perch in the wrong place.

My back-up way is using a slow but more reliable British Telecom line that runs at about 1.5mbps if I'm lucky.

My emergency way is using my mobile phone's data connection.

At the moment none of these methods are working. This is entirely explained by the appearance of a few rogue snowflakes fluttering about outside.

Should you get to see this, that means one of the methods started working again. My guess is that the mobile phone won't be offline for long, but it's such a palaver to set it up as an Internet uplink that I think I'll wait for one of the other two instead.

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