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6:40pm on Sunday, 9th July, 2017:



It turned out we did go to Hellesylt. Furthermore, they let us off the ship.

Hellesylt is a tiny place with some nice old buildings and a bunch of not-so-nice modern buildings, none of which tourists really care about because it has one feature that dominates everything: a monster of a waterfall down its main street.

I took this from a bridge that was promptly cleared as a ferry disgorged its load of cars, buses and camper vans (some of which were as large as the buses).

There was an amazing souvenir shop that sold things no other souvenir shops we've seen sold, and at reasonable prices. I'll be surprised if they have any stock left after we and our fellow passengers have had our locust-like way with it. Good stuff at good prices is popular — who would have guessed? Best of all: no trolls!

Oh, and it turns out Gerangerfjord is actually Geirangerfjord. We're going back there tomorrow to stop at the town at the end, Geiranger. There's a logic to these Norwegian naming conventions, it seems.

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