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5:59pm on Friday, 8th September, 2017:

Hayfever Relief


I've noticed over the past few years that my voice has been getting less strong, and last month I eventually got around to seeing a doctor about it. It seems to be caused by mucus build up, so I was prescribed hayfever relief nasal spray to stop stuff from sliding down the back of my throat and onto my vocal chords.

I don't get hayfever, and on the evidence of this nasal spray I don't want it, either. It immediately makes my eyes water, and as soon as I've used it I want to blow my nose. I harbour a strong suspicion that it causes more mucus than I was getting before, too.

Still, I have to do this in order to persuade the doctor to send me to a specialist. To be fair, the other remedy she prescribed me, to stop acid reflux (which apparently you can experience without knowing it), has indeed stopped my acid reflux, so that's a good outcome even if I do end up later having to have someone pushing a camera down my throat on a cable to see what's going on.

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