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2:58pm on Saturday, 8th April, 2017:

Turned Off


A recent update to the operating system of my Android phone included a feature whereby if I want to switch it off then I have to input my password.

I don't want to have to input my password to switch off my phone. I don't care if someone steals the phone and switches it off. I want the phone to go off when I tell it to switch off. I get out of my car, I go into my house, I just want to switch the phone off. It knows I want to switch it off, but it now demands a password. Great. It was bad enough having to hold a mechanical button down for a couple of seconds and then tap a Power Off button on the screen. Having then to enter my password (or some other security feature) is a further annoyance I really don't need.

I did a quick search to find out if there was a way to stop it from behaving like this, but all the posts were from before the update by people asking how to get it to do what it now does.

Maybe I'll have to switch the password feature off entirely.

Thus, so many features meant to make something more secure achieve the exact opposite.

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