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4:37pm on Monday, 7th August, 2017:

Three Cats


Because I can wilfully hallucinate objects from my imagination onto my field of vision, I should be a superb artist. I just visualise what I want to draw or paint, project it onto a piece of paper, then trace round it. Done!

OK, well it's not quite like that, because I can't sustain images for very long unless I keep my head and the paper stationary. The more detail and animation the image has, the more likely I am to lose hold of it fairly quickly, too. However, for very simple line drawings, it shouldn't be hard at all — and indeed it isn't. I ought, therefore, to be able to reproduce such simple line drawings very easily.

So, here are three pictures of a cat.

The one on the left, I found by typing "simple line drawing" into Google. The one in the middle is what I got when I printed off the picture and traced it using a pencil and tracing paper. The one on the right is what I got when I projected the image onto paper and traced what I saw. I did have a little bother sustaining the picture as I kept moving my hand across it and it broke once when I was doing the bowl, but I got it back almost immediately.

The right-hand image is smaller, because that's how it looked on the paper. I could have made it bigger, but that wouldn't have helped. The reason it wouldn't have helped is because the image in the middle shows just how bad I am at tracing. I have absolutely terrible penmanship. I've lost count of the artists who have assured me that they can teach me to draw, but my hand (and therefore the pen or the mouse) doesn't go where I want it to go. It also explains why my handwriting is so dreadful.

I'd have shown you the even worse results I'd get if I used my left hand, but that way lies broken pencil points.

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